Theta International can help grow your business, establish new markets, improve internal processes and procedures, streamline workflows, and increase revenue and profitability. We assist companies to develop the right plan for their business recognising the inherent biases, limitations, and business prejudices.


Theta International can provide the following services for your business.

Tender preparation and peer review


Assist companies through the various stages of tendering: Request for information, Expression of Interest, Request for Proposals, Request for Offer, and Request for Tender/Request for Quotation.

Strategic planning


Assist companies to define its strategy or direction, and make the decisions necessary to pursue their business strategy. 

Business plan workshops


Conduct business planning workshops to enable companies to define their business products and services, articulate the markets covered, and develop a business plan to achieve agreed target outcomes.

Workforce balance


Help companies to better understand their workforce planning requirements in relation to business growth or market movement. 

Business analysis


Conduct a series of exercises to analyse where companies are at in their product and growth cycles, market penetration, and product development.





Assist companies with a broad range of branding services including brand strategy, research, positioning, collateral, filmography, and the development of style guides and written communications guides.


Market research


Conduct thorough targeted market and customer based research to enhance business strategy. 



Succession planning


Review existing plans for succession in the business together with potential retirement of key personnel and shareholder buy out.

Sales pipeline


Assist companies to develop and refine their sales pipeline to understand their relationship with clients and the true position with tracked prospects.



Mergers and acquisitions


Provide advice on potential acquisition of synergistic companies and mergers.