Theta International has several qualified consultants who are able to assist with specific project based work. 

Tony Ramsden




Tony is an experienced business manager and systems professional with a foundation of more than 36 years of knowledge and experience in rail, transport, infrastructure and facilities planning, development, maintenance and operations. Tony has provided, both as a business manager and as a consultant, advice to public and private sector organisations encompassing:


  • Bid direction, management and proposal preparation;

  • Project planning, management and administration;

  • Business strategy and programme implementation;

  • Legislative compliance and risk management systems;

  • Financial and operational performance metrics;

  • Asset management and maintenance strategy;

  • Rail safety, WHS, security, emergency, quality and environmental management

  • Corporate sustainability; and  

  • Technical and process improvement initiatives.

Doug McCabe




Doug has 39 years’ experience in the Australian Rail Industry and extensive overseas rail experience, the majority of his roles have been within senior management, business development or Project Director delivery. Doug has managed the design of total railway systems including suburban passenger system, mainline freight and heavy haul coal systems; having spent essentially equal periods of time working in a government organisation and private industry.


Doug has extensive experience participating in collaborative delivery models including the QR Synergy Signalling Alliance, Railcorp Signalling and Power Alliance, Sydney Metro PPP, QR Cairns Tilt train Alliance, Hyderabad Metro PPP (India) and the Ansaldo ATMS Sub-Alliance with Lockheed Martin for ARTC.

Garry Whiting




Garry has 16 years’ extensive experience in policy and strategy development, event management, change facilitation, organisational and leadership development and performance improvement projects, within both public and private sectors of the Australian Rail Industry.


Garry has held a number of high-profile leadership and stakeholder engagement roles with companies including Queensland Rail, Aurizon, Australasian Railway Association, and Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation, and is currently a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.